Zoryana Sozanska-Matviychuk gave a commentary to Yurydychna Gazeta
Yurydychna Gazeta

Zoryana Sozanska-Matviychuk, partner and head of the M&A practice of Redcliffe Partners, gave a commentary to Yurydychna Gazeta (Legal Newspaper) as part of an article devoted to the topic "Partnership in a Law Firm: award or test?".

In particular, Zoryana related what potential partners should be prepared for in their profession. She emphasised the necessity to study, work on personal development, and offer unique expertise and efficient solutions to clients.

Zoryana said that it is necessary to work extremely hard and not just sit and wait until you become a partner based merely on the number of years spent in a law firm. She summarised her thoughts with her personal motto: ‘First work like you are a partner, and then you will become a partner’.