What does the Electricity Market Law mean for Ukrainians?
for Delo.UA

On 11 June 2017, the Law of Ukraine "On the Electricity Market" became effective. This aims to bring the legal framework of the Ukrainian electricity market into compliance with the EU’s energy market legislation known as the "Third Energy Package". A new, liberalised competitive market will be established, with a complex segmented and multifunctional structure, free trade and bidding price formation mechanisms, unbundled network operators and a fair and non-discriminatory grid access. The market should become attractive for increasing investments into the grid and energy infrastructure, which will foster free cross-border electricity trade and market integration with the European power system. In her article What does the Electricity Market Law mean for Ukrainians?" (part 1), for the business portal delo.ua , Svitlana Teush, of counsel of Redcliffe Partners outlines the new electricity market design, and discusses the next steps as well as some challenges of implementation.

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