Sergiy Gryshko gives his view of Ukrainian legal trends in his interview with Yurydychna Gazeta
Yurydychna Gazeta

An interview with Sergiy Gryshko, partner and Head of the Dispute Resolution practice at Redcliffe Partners, was published in Yurydychna Gazeta. It focused on the latest changes in the Ukrainian rules of procedure relating to judicial support and control over arbitration, as well as recent tendencies and trends in the Ukrainian legal profession and development of law.

Sergiy highlighted two distinct tendencies in the development of international arbitration. The first is an increase in the number of clients’ instructions for the collection of overdue debts for services or goods provided. The second is that of clients who do not want to pay their debts and seek legal advice on how to avoid any liability. However, the latter is not undertaken by Redcliffe Partners, as the firm is known for its pro-creditor approach.

The legal profession in Ukraine, according to Sergiy Gryshko, requires the development and implementation of specific regulations, which would introduce uniform ethical rules and norms for lawyers across the board. Currently, the profession in Ukraine remains largely unregulated, with the exception of licensed advocates. At the same time, clients have become more exacting, and expect lawyers to understand their business much better than previously due to the increasing competitiveness of globalised markets.

Sergiy also covered recent amendments to Ukrainian rules of procedure and arbitration statutes, which will greatly encourage and favour arbitration more than ever before.

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