Redcliffe Partners joins Rail Working Group

Redcliffe Partners has recently joined the Rail Working Group – a not-for-profit association established in 1996. It represents the interests of the rail industry in, amongst other matters, adopting and implementing the 2007 Luxembourg Rail Protocol. The RWG works with the rail industry, as well as governments and government agencies around the world to raise awareness of the Protocol and to promote its adoption in a form that facilitates greater, more cost-effective private sector financing in railway rolling stock.

The main aim of the Luxembourg Protocol is to increase the pool of capital finance available for rolling stock investment by way of creating a worldwide legal framework to recognise and regulate the security interests of lenders, lessors and vendors of movable railway assets. By reducing risks for investors, the Protocol is expected to enable much greater private investment in both domestic and international markets.

Redcliffe Partners joined the RWG and its Country Contact Group for Ukraine in order to promote the Luxembourg Rail Protocol in the Ukrainian railway market. Redcliffe Partners’ involvement in a recent court case in Ukraine relating to enforcement against a large pool of railcars makes its experience unique for promoting the Luxembourg Rail Protocol in Ukraine. The infrastructure group of the company comprises dedicated experts involved in advising global and domestic clients on investing in and the development of transport and infrastructure projects.