Oleksandr Markov gave an overview of the taxation arena in an interview for Yuridicheskaya Practika
Yuridicheskaya Practika

Economic changes taking place around the world have an impact on the rules and priorities of tax regulations in Ukraine. Oleksandr Markov, Counsel and Head of the Tax and Tax Litigation practice at Redcliffe Partners, provided an insight into these changes and their effects on our country in his interview for Yuridicheckaya Practika.

According to Oleksandr, innovative solutions in economics are mainly caused by market demand on the one hand and government as regulator on the other. As a result, and in response to those demands, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is actively working on the development of new projects, such as the BEPS plan, while also looking for new solutions.

On the Ukrainian market, Oleksandr stated that the ongoing taxation reform has already caused a wide range of reactions. There much work to do in this regard, as relations between tax payers and the fiscal services remain to be properly established so that the reforms and their effects are clear to both sides. The government is actively involved in taxation issues, and we await further steps towards resolving the current problems.

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