New opportunities and tools to boost antitrust compliance
for The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law

A number of significant changes to Ukrainian competition law regime are expected during 2017. These are expected to bring new opportunities for boosting antitrust compliance. Anastasia Usova, counsel and Head of the Antitrust practice of Redcliffe Partners, in her article for the UJBL, outlines key practical recommendations to enhance the capabilities of existing or newly built antitrust compliance programmes as a tool for the prevention, early detection and mitigation of antitrust violations.

According to Anastasia, the following steps boost antitrust compliance:

  1. Identifying key areas of antitrust risk
  2. Allocating responsibility for handling risk
  3. Promoting a compliance culture, not a compliance rule-set
  4. Adopting safeguards in communications via all media
  5. Maintaining scrutiny of competitive benchmarking and pricing algorithms
  6. Continually updating the compliance programme.

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