New ISO 37001 - International Standard for Anti-bribery Management Systems
for The Ukrainian Journal of Business Law, Yuridicheskaya Practika Publishing

On 15 October 2016, the first edition of the new ISO 37001 standard was published. It is a new international standard for anti-bribery management systems in all types of organisations, private and public.

Ario Dehghani, counsel and Head of Compliance at Redcliffe Partners, and Jean-Pierre Mean, Counsel of Eigenmann Associés and a member of the ISO 37001 Project Committee, have discussed the key aspects of the implementation of ISO 37001, globally and in Ukraine, with the UJBL editorial team. In their opinion, the role of a company’s profile and goals, its officers’ leadership, training and communications are the key factors in the effectiveness of any anti-bribery management system.

For the full article, please follow the link. It is published by the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law.