Interview with Svitlana Teush published in Yuridicheskaya Practika
for Yuridicheskaya Practika

The industrial focus of law firms is now established as the development trend in the legal services market. In a recent interview to "Yuridicheskaya Practika", Svitlana Teush, Counsel at Redcliffe Partners, discussed the types of projects and peculiarities of lawyers’ work in the construction, real estate, energy, infrastructure and transport industries.

Svitlana emphasised the importance of considering project life cycle and risk management factors, and referred to certain contract instruments underpinned by these factors relatively new to Ukraine, but which are well-established in international markets. These include production enhancement contracts, output and performance-based contracts (e.g., in road construction), energy performance contracts and FIDIC contracts.

She also discussed the hurdles and opportunities of undertaking concession projects in Ukraine, the prospects for privatisation and key findings based on recent experience in supporting privatisation projects. Also addressed were the current status of these industries, as well as the impact of structural sector reforms currently evolving in Ukraine on the implementation of projects and lawyers’ activity within them.

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