Changes in the fees for actions related to the protection of intellectual property rights

18 June 2019

On 12 June 2019, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted Resolution No. 496 on changing the fees for actions related to the protection of intellectual property rights. According to the said Resolution, state fees for the registration, publication, maintenance of validity and any other action associated with intellectual property rights, in particular inventions and utility models, industrial designs, trademarks, geographical indications and topographies of integrated circuits, are substantially increasing (on average, by three to four times, or in certain instances even up to ten times).

The most significant changes include:

  • submission of an application for registering a trademark as well as declaring each next class of goods and services, shall be at the level of approx. USD 152 (currently USD 38)
  • intention to recognise a mark well-known in Ukraine shall cost approx. USD 910 (currently USD 152), and the renewal of the trademark shall cost USD 455 (currently USD 114)
  • submission of an application for invention and utility model shall amount to USD 61 and USD 91, respectively (currently, the fee for both is USD 31)
  • maintenance of the validity of patents on inventions shall increase by two times during the first years and, after the 20th registration anniversary, by almost ten times (thus, the annual fee shall then be USD 1,150 instead of USD 144)
  • preparation for the state registration of copyright and registration of agreements related to the author's right to a writing shall grow by three to five times for legal entities, i.e. to USD 20 and USD 40, respectively
  • the fee for an application for registering an industrial design shall also increase by two times, to USD 61

The Resolution specifies the possibility of paying several different fees through the execution of one payment document, by compiling a list of the fees to be paid, with details of: (і) fee code(s), (іі) number of applications, patents, certificates, (ііі) each fee amount.

The relevant changes in the state fees shall enter into force thirty (30) days after the publication of the Resolution. It is recommended to use the existing "grace period" and have intellectual property rights registered in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Full text of the changes can be found by the link

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