Ario Dehghani is named Head of the ICC Ukraine Commission on Corporate Responsibility & Anti-Corruption

Ario Dehghani, Counsel and Head of the Compliance practice at Redcliffe Partners, has been confirmed by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris as the leader of the newly launched Corporate Responsibility & Anti-Corruption Commission with ICC Ukraine. The Commission will focus on implementing those anti-corruption and compliance practices in Ukraine that have been successfully implemented in many other countries.

The creation of the Commission is significant, as corruption and bribery are often identified as principal inhibitors to successful business development and attracting foreign investment.

Ario Dehghani, as head of the Commission, will coordinate and direct the efforts of leading Ukrainian companies to help overcome barriers which currently limit the investigation and prevention of bribery and corruption. The key activities of the Commission will include organising meetings and discussions between interested parties, as well as workshops and lectures with invited experts.

The ICC is one of the most influential organisations in global business. Founded in 1919, it currently unites more than 6.5 million companies, chambers and associations from 127 countries. Its various commissions work on the development and implementation of projects for boosting business opportunities and creating new possibilities for companies, both in local and international markets.