New services and technologies become data centred. Collecting, storing, reviewing, transferring or otherwise processing personal data in a secure and lawful way poses an increasing challenge for businesses today. Comprehensive knowledge about data processing regulations is essential to comply with privacy and data protection matters on a national, European and global level.

Redcliffe Partners has the most experienced data protection lawyers in Ukraine and is well-prepared to guide local and international companies through the complex aspects of data protection and privacy matters.

We assist businesses with setting up, developing and maintaining data protection and privacy compliance with EU and Ukrainian data protection regulations. Our team is also particularly well-placed to advise companies on legal and regulatory assignments arising from varying legislation across multiple jurisdictions. We have a successful track record of carrying out multinational data protection projects and audits in and outside Ukraine.

Our lawyers have experience in advising a broad range of clients from various sectors on data protection matters, covering the IT, financial, consumer goods, healthcare, pharmaceutical, online and retail industries.

Redcliffe Partners offers a full range of services on data protection and privacy issues, including:

  • Guidance through the updates and new requirements under the EU General Data Protection Regulation and national data protection laws of EU member states
  • Development of proactive measures to be adopted by running business to address data privacy and security issues
  • Conduct of compliance investigations of data protection incidents, including follow-up measures regarding system updates and regulatory communications with authorities
  • Advice on the saving and lawful processing of sensitive personal data
  • Advice on data profiling and data protection relating to marketing activities
  • Advice on special IT environments, such as cloud services and data protection issues
  • Representation before national and foreign regulatory authorities (e.g., of EU member states, the U.S. and Switzerland).

In addition to providing the highest level of expertise in the areas of data protection, privacy and security, we develop and implement tailor-made data protection compliance programmes based on a practical, global best practice approach. We also keep our clients updated on the latest developments through in-house presentations, seminars, legal briefings and other publications.