Interview with Dmytro Fedoruk published in Kyiv Post Legal Quarterly within its series on Interesting Lawyers
04 January 2019

Kyiv Post Legal Quarterly has recently published within its series on Interesting Lawyers an interview with Dmytro Fedoruk, partner and Head of the Energy practice of Redcliffe Partners.

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Chapter on Ukraine contributed to the Mergers & Acquisitions Law Guide 2019
25 December 2018

The Mergers & Acquisitions Law Guide 2019, recently published by LexisNexis, includes a chapter on Ukraine prepared by Zoryana Sozanska-Matviychuk, partner and head of the M&A practice, Anna Pushkaryova, a senior associate, and Maria Grechko, associate.

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High Stakes Game article was published in 50 Leading Law Firms in Ukraine 2018
21 December 2018

An article by Sergiy Gryshko, a partner and head of the Dispute Resolution practice, and Yevgen Diaduk, a senior associate in that practice, entitled “High Stakes Game”, was recently published in "50 Leading Law Firms in Ukraine 2018" magazine.

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LexisNexis Foreign Investment Law Guide 2018-2019 published chapter on Ukraine
20 December 2018

A chapter on Ukraine, co-authored by Zoryana Sozanska-Matviychuk, partner and head of the Redcliffe's M&A practice, and Anna Pushkaryova, senior associate, has been published in the LexisNexis Foreign Investment Law Guide 2018-2019.

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Chapter on Ukraine published in the LexisNexis Company Law Guide 2018-2019
03 December 2018

Zoryana Sozanska-Matviychuk, counsel in the Corporate and M&A practice of Redcliffe Partners, together with senior associate Anna Pushkaryova and associate Yulia Brusko, contributed a chapter on Ukraine to the LexisNexis Company Law Guide 2018-2019.

This edition of LexisNexis is devoted to describing company legislation in different parts of the world, with particular attention being paid to the Asia-Pacific region.

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The improved role of consulting engineers in Ukraine
18 September 2018

"Construction Law International", the magazine of the International Bar Association, has published an article titled "The Role of Consulting Engineers in Construction Projects in Ukraine", co-authored by Svitlana Teush, Redcliffe Partners (Ukraine), Lukas Klee, Klee Consulting (Czech Republic) and Roger Ribeiro, Currie & Brown (France). The article discusses recent developments and the future outlook for consulting engineers in Ukraine.

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Reforms to Improve the Legal Framework for Secured Finance in Ukraine
11 September 2018

Olexiy Soshenko, Managing Partner and Head of the Banking and Finance practice at Redcliffe Partners, and Olena Polyakova, Counsel in the Banking and Finance practice, co-authored an article on the secured finance legal framework for Ukrainian Law Firms 2018: A Handbook for Foreign Clients (ULF 2018). 

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Article on anti-corruption internal investigations published in the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law
30 August 2018

Ario Dehghani and Victoria Shevchuk, lawyers with Redcliffe Partners, have written an article concerning anti-corruption internal investigations which has been published in the Ukrainian Journal of Business Law.

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State Aid in Ukraine: Results of The First Year of Enforcement, and Further Steps of The Regulator
09 August 2018

Just one year ago, in August 2017, the state aid regime, based on the requirements of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, fully entered into force in Ukraine. Together with Anna Artemenko, State Commissioner of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (the “AMC”), our antitrust experts Anastasia Usova and Anna Vyshnevska have prepared an overview of the results of the first year of state aid enforcement in Ukraine, and further regulatory steps planned to be implemented by the AMC.

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Svitlana Teush contributes an essay on Ukraine to International Construction Contract Law guide
06 August 2018

The updated second edition of "International Construction Contract Law" is now available to pre-order. This is a comprehensive, practical guide offering an understanding of the legal and managerial aspects of large international construction projects and the use of FIDIC contracts, which incorporates submissions from 101 co-authors from across the globe under the lead of Lukas Klee. 

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