Food and Beverage is one of Ukraine’s most dynamically growing sectors. Both local and multinational producers view the Ukrainian market (of approximately 40 million consumers) as amongst the most important markets in the CIS.

Food and Beverage producers, although operating in Ukraine, need to adapt to an increasingly competitive international environment and navigate an ever more complex array of industry-specific regulatory requirements. Numerous legal environment assessments undertaken for the Food and Beverage Industry in recent years, as well as feedback from our sector clients, clearly point to legal, regulatory, and institutional bottlenecks, which adversely affect the industry. Regulatory challenges range from The Food Safety Product Standards and Mandatory Certification of Food Products to the Food Control System.

We assist clients across the sector, including agricultural producers, biotech companies, packaging manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, with understanding and complying with these requirements.

The Food and Beverage industry group of Redcliffe Partners offers ‘on-the-ground’ presence in Ukraine coupled with access to the global platforms of leading international law firms, and is exceptionally positioned to advise companies operating in this sector on important issues affecting the industry, such as:

  • Regulatory compliance, health claims and labelling
  • Product safety, product liability, product recalls and class action litigation
  • Regulatory requirements of the EU and globally
  • Competition law and trade/customs law with regard to export to the EU and international trade
  • Patents, trademarks, designs and trade secrets
  • Product advertisement
  • Inspections/investigations from Ukrainian and EU authorities
  • Implementation of compliance programmes and staff compliance training
  • Conducting compliance internal investigations in-house, with vendors and business partners

In addition to regulatory expertise, we have a sophisticated commercial transactions practice, whose lawyers have advised on a wide range of cross-border transactions involving food and beverage companies.